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Leaving New Apostolic Church: A storm broke out at the Leaving from the New Apostolic Church – The process of leaving the NAC

Leaving New Apostolic Church
A Storm Was Brewing!


Clubs Were Thrown in My Way

I also resigned from the church at the registry office. I didn’t want to be a “deadbeat.” I let my children have their own experiences and in no way prevented them from going to church with their father, gave them honest answers to their questions. Since they were allowed – unlike me at that age – to learn to trust in their own feelings and relationship with God, they developed a good sense of truthfulness and did not feel comfortable there.

Her father did not exactly help to establish credibility by constantly having new wives, but slandered me, denied me Jesus, even tried to persecute me with the help of the sect commissioners, because after my training as a Shiatsu therapist and some practice in it, I trained as a mediumistic counsellor to give my manifesting mediumistic gift a hand and foot! In short, he did everything he could to throw bludgeons my way, including suddenly stopping any child support payments and trying to “buy” my children.

Jesus Protected Us

Thankfully though, they held their own and are successfully making their way through school and college and have loving relationships. I’m very grateful for that and really proud of her too. God has blessed and protected them greatly. Honestly, Jesus always warned me through words or pictures before something bad could happen so that I could intervene, for example, when one of my sons, while living with his father, began to become addicted to computers. Just praying is not always enough, you also have to do the right thing when you can and see that something is getting out of hand and people are being harmed by it, even more so when these are your own children!

Jesus always made sure I had what I needed, even when I fell into old patterns in some situations; sometimes it was like a miracle. I experienced that Jesus fulfilled his word: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33). Especially in my teacher I found a magnanimity like never before and never afterwards in any human being. Jesus sometimes told her to do something or buy something or tell me something without her knowing the reason, and then that was just the saving thing for me! On the other hand, I received no support from my Christian family, on the contrary, in their eyes I could only have bad luck as a stray sheep and was all my own fault, I would only have to return.

Who Claim to Be Apostles, and Are Not.

Some time after my separation from the NAC, I received, as had happened from time to time before at crucial points after intimate prayer, the invitation to open the Bible. I almost fell down when I was shown the word from Revelation 2:2, “I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy steadfast endurance, and that thou canst not bear the wicked: and thou hast tried them that say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars” What a palpitation of heart do you think I got! I never felt so directly addressed by Jesus before, and I didn’t even know that word!

I prayed and received the words from Jesus, “Yes, I mean you, and you have recognized the apostles in the NAC, congratulations! They are also meant!” Jesus did not speak well of the NAC more often in the aftermath, for example, he said, “A church mainly for the exalted it has unfortunately become, who like to be something better than other people.”

I Realized how Much Jesus Loves Everyone

I was always frightened, but I had to agree with him, because I knew this characteristic in myself and I had to get rid of it. And that I had a direct line to Jesus, I had become aware in the course of my training and work with people, because what Jesus showed me as the causes of symptoms, illnesses, bad luck and fate in them and how he then helped, that was him and I only channel. To let this only become purer and finer, that was my task and is hard enough, because then it always goes to the “core” – to the hidden, unconscious, painful, repulsive or rejected – and Jesus often “washed my head” with clear words!

But how much Jesus loves the people, every single one, no matter if churchgoer or not, became really clear to me. He looks only and incorruptibly at the heart and soul – “good deeds” are therefore not always good deeds in his eyes. However, many people instinctively put into practice, through the power of their hearts, much of what Jesus taught in his Sermon on the Mount.

Because I Am Grateful to Jesus

I don’t write about my experiences for myself or to justify myself or to get recognition, but I only do it for Jesus because I am grateful to him that he let himself be found by me. I also do this to encourage others. He loves every single person more than you can imagine, but doesn’t like one thing: judging and condemning and denying Jesus or God to other people. On the other hand, when Jesus says something who knows the deepest truth, it is always just. I would never have expected him to speak directly to people myself. What he said and showed me I just want to pass on and encourage everyone to have their own experience with Jesus.

He has nothing against anyone except that people claim to bring others to God with certainty without really being able to be 100 percent sure, (Yet they are free, as are those who want to follow such.) because for that they must have evidence that God is really behind it. However, exactly this does not exist in the NAC. I would say for good reason. “The office of prophet has passed into the office of apostle,” was simply asserted at some point, and the prophecy of the then Chief Apostle Bishop had not been fulfilled at that time.Yet, according to the Revelation of John, this is precisely a sign of the testimony of Jesus: the spirit of prophecy. (Revelation 12:17 and 19:10). Where the Holy Spirit blows, there is prophesying, and for our time in particular it is promised that God will “raise up again the sons and daughters of light, and they shall prophesy.”

I Know Others to Whom Jesus Speaks

For a long time it was difficult for me to stand by this in our time, which is characterized by rationality and in which everything “supernatural” is quickly labeled as crazy, but in doing so I was doing Jesus an injustice. I get words and images from him, and since they are true (e.g. what a person experienced as the cause of problems/symptoms or even hints and announcements), I trust him. I know others to whom he speaks. There are also Muslims to whom Jesus appears in a dream and guides them! In the origin of the Apostolic Movement there were prophecies until they were stifled.

But as long as homage is paid to the apostles and they are excellent – really, perfect: 400,000 SFR annual salary for a Swiss district apostle is more than good! – and highly respected by many followers, they are unlikely to want to question their own position. … As so often in history, grievances must be remedied by the ‘people’. How true is the saying of my mother, who unfortunately passed away more than 5 years ago: “He who sits at the trough, eats”!

Yours, Gudrun


I read your report card. Yes, dear Lutz, I also find myself in your testimony. I, too, did not move away because of bad experiences – these occurred later, after I had already left – but because of an inner searching, triggered by suffering and questions I had for God. I loved my church and rejoiced in what I saw as the selfless efforts of the people there, also gladly gave my all to contribute to their joy and God’s joy, and was very sad to have to leave this home of mine.

In retrospect, however, many of them no longer seem to me to be quite as selfless as they were back then. And I can only shake my head at the audacity of the apostles. That they dare to claim that they speak God’s word and that they forgive sins! – and “guaranteed” to bring those who follow them to God. – how reckless is that. You have a responsibility. You have to answer to God, don’t you?

Also, your experience coincides with mine that one has to approach God totally unbiased, totally open to him, without any limiting opinion – as far as it is at all possible. Blind spots we all have.

God Does Not Hear the Gesture of NAC Ministers

After all, God is greater than anything on earth, and Jesus is God “who put on flesh” to help people. Isaiah 59 (this passage was shown to me by Jesus on Christmas Eve) also says why God doesn’t answer prayers – but actually it is the natural state that he answers prayers. If he does not, it is because – it says – sins form a partition between man and God. Then people are actually called to clean up their sins, and then God hears them again! If the forgiveness of sins by the apostles were true, then all their prayers and those of their followers would have to be answered, and those of other people would not. Obviously, however, it often happens the other way around …

Furthermore, it is reported there that God sees, who “lets” people make: there are lies, injustice and exploitation, but people do not manage to change it. There is none to do justice – – so God himself puts on flesh and goes to man to judge it. That was Jesus. It has also been announced for our time, so let us pray that it will come soon!

Yours, Gudrun

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