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New Apostolic Church No Official International Website - Critical considerations and criticism about a sect!
New Apostolic Church critical considerations sect criticism

Is the New Apostolic Church (NAC) a Christian Church or An Unbiblical Sect?

This Non official International Website will bring clarity regarding this question! The NAC has over 9 million members worldwide.

The informative articles offered here on the subject of the New Apostolic Church are intended to help you evaluate the particular doctrines of the New Apostolic Church in light of biblical teaching.

We will answer the question of whether this denomination is a sect or a Christian church. You can find out why criticism of the NAC is legitimate by reading the article ‘New Apostolic Church – Is Criticism Legitimate?

Foregiveness of Sins & Reconciliation with God
New Apostolic Church Chief Apostle Ministry
Is Criticism Legitimate in the New Apostolic Church?
New Apostolic Church Apostle Ministry
New Apostolic Church - Sealing & Holy Spirit! What is the New Apostolic sacrament of sealing all about?

On this non official international website about the New Apostolic Church you will find, among others, the following articles:

Are you a New Apostolic? I was too! Who do you actually trust? Can the Apostles of the New Apostolic Church be trusted, are they competent and reliable? We clarify this and other questions in this article.

Can the apostles of the New Apostolic Church be competent, credible counselors?

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Are you a New Apostolic? I was too!

Today I am addressing you in this perhaps unfamiliar form. I am very concerned about everyone who is a member of the New Apostolic Church. My love for you and my Lord Jesus Christ drives me to write these lines down for you. I was a New Apostolic myself for over thirty years.

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The NAC and the day of the First Resurrection. The goal of every New Apostolic is to take part in the day of the First Resurrection because this is what the New Apostolic Church teaches through its apostles.  In this article, we clarify whether the New Apostolic Church teaches a biblically correct stance about the day of the First Resurrection.

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As a New Apostolic Christian, you will surely answer this question spontaneously with yes, because you are baptized and sealed by an apostle In addition, you may go to church services regularly and get acquainted with sins before taking part in the sacrament.

Is it enough to be a New Apostolic to truly be a child of God

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