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Jesus made amazing predictions about our time, do we have to be afraid of the future? Clear signs precede the end times! Biblical Faith! Jesus' Predictions

Biblical Faith
Afraid of the Future? – Jesus’ Predictions


Jesus made amazing predictions about our time, do we have to be afraid of the future?

Never before in human history have there been such dire opportunities as today. With weapons that are more terrible than any means of destruction that humans have ever devised, it is the sad privilege of our century, more precisely of our generation, to be able to completely wipe out all life on our earth within a few hours. Atomic, bacteriological and chemical super weapons are stored in the depots of the superpowers and even in those of smaller states, the destructive power of which make the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like tiny pinpricks.

Until recently it was believed that the horror of these weapons would create a high degree of deterrence, and that for this reason they would never be used, now the devious attack on the World Trade Center in New York teaches us better . What if such inhuman fanatics, like these brutal ‘kamikaze fliers’ who are ready for anything, could get hold of such weapons? Hard to imagine what would happen then!

Jesus Described Our Time

For the end of time, Jesus predicted clear signs that would precede the second coming he himself had prophesied. But he also said: “In the world you are afraid. But be confident. I have overcome the world! “ (John 16, verse 33) In fact, there has never been a generation in which people around the world were so afraid of the future as they are today. It is amazing how exactly Jesus foresaw our time prophetically when he says: “People will perish with fear in anticipation of the things that are to come upon the earth.” Read up in the Gospel of Luke in chapter 21.

It is worth reading this chapter in these days because there are amazing things that Jesus prophesied about our time. Without a doubt, this word of Jesus applies to our generation. But what is Jesus trying to achieve with such predictions? Aren’t you even more afraid of the future? Don’t they completely rob us of any prospect of a more hopeful time? Don’t they really bring us into total resignation, even deep despair, so that all we can say on the basis of such predictions is: children, let us live today, because tomorrow may be too late?

No, just the opposite! Jesus doesn’t put rose-colored glasses on us like we love to do. He doesn’t lull us into illusions. He shows us with absolute sobriety the reality of a humanity who has fallen away from God. This is what it looks like when we leave God and his standards out of our lives: a world full of fear, in which one is a wolf to the other. “Homo homini lupus” as the ancient Romans said. A world in which no one trusts the other. In which mistrust and hate always gain the upper hand and not trust and love. Jesus foretold terrible things because he knows clearly and soberly that humanity that wants to live without God’s standards must inevitably end up in self-destruction. And so the predictions of Jesus are a wake-up call to return to God. Think and turn around, repent, as it was called in old German.

Turning around requires a rethink. So you can also say: Think around, leave your old path without God and take a new direction. That’s what Jesus means. But how can we turn back? Aren’t we all too attached to ourselves? Who can jump over their own shadow? How many well-intentioned attempts at repentance have been made in our lives! Didn’t they all fail? The insight to repent may exist, but where is the power to leave something that has been recognized as wrong? Many would like to leave the cigarette, but they cannot. Many know that alcohol has them under control, that they are bound to it. But they can’t stop drinking. How many know that constantly changing partners doesn’t make you happier, but more lonely? But they have to do it against their better judgment.

Jesus Calls for Repentance

When Jesus calls to repent, he does not expect us to repent on our own. Nobody like Münchhausen can pull himself out of the swamp by his head. It is therefore crucial where we are to turn back. Jesus calls to us: “Come to me who are sad and troubled. You who are afraid. I want to give you rest for your souls. “

Have you tried this before? To repent to Jesus? All who really did testify: He, Jesus, set me free from my fears and ties. He gave me the strength for a new life and cleansed me from my sins. That is always the experience of who gets involved with Jesus. Try it too. Admit that you cannot cope on your own. Return to Jesus. He wants into your life in order to renew it from the ground up. You will experience it through the power of his Holy Spirit. Believe it, it’s true!

Jesus Takes Away the Fear

Afraid of the future? Yes, without Jesus, who has already conquered death, one could be afraid. But with him we have peace in our hearts in the midst of fear. Terrible things are going to happen on our planet. Worse than what we’ve seen before. Jesus foretold them. Sober, clear and without window dressing. But he also tells us: You are afraid in the world, but be confident: I have overcome the world! That is, He has conquered the world with its hatred and its evil. He speaks the last word in world history and not the forces of malice and sin. He will put a stop to a humanity who has fallen away from God and has made itself the measure of all things, when it has brought itself to the abyss of self-destruction.

Suddenly, and completely unexpected to most on earth, he will come again and take in all those who believed in him and trusted him. So says the scriptures. Don’t you want to be there too? Trust yourself in this wonderful gentleman. Give up your life without him. He loves you so much that he paid with his life for your debt on the cross. Everyone who believes in him, who trusts him, who listens to him has eternal life. This is what the Bible says in many places. God doesn’t want this human race to end up in chaos. But he respects our free will. God is not a dictator who forces us to do good. God did not create us as puppets, but as creatures capable of making decisions.

Please choose Jesus in their favor. In a world full of fear, God offers this glorious opportunity: peace in heart through Jesus. Don’t you want that too? Then take it. God is waiting for you. You can talk to God right now where you are. Talking to God is also called praying. Maybe you’ve never done this before. A prayer to God could look something like this. If it is what you want, just pray it in your heart: Lord Jesus Christ. I realized that I have actually lived without you so far. Please forgive me. I ask you, come into my life and take the lead in it. Set me free from everything that captivates me. Give me your peace in the midst of my fear. Thank you for hearing me now and for hearing my prayer now.“

If you have sincerely made this request to God, you can know this from the promise God makes in the Bible: Everyone who believes in Jesus Christ has eternal life. In John 3:16, God promises: “Everyone who believes in Jesus Christ is no longer lost, but has eternal life.“The Bible says:“ Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved! ”(Romans 10, verse 13) Learn, like many others before you, the peace of Jesus in your heart in a darkening world.

God bless you and be with you

© Anselm Schönfeld

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